Mothers Against Noise



Mothers Against Noise


IMPORTANT NEWSFLASH: Dutch EBM Musicians [Grendel] detained in the US. Read the full story here.
Yes, it's not related to Noise, Noise artists or anything of the sort. But it's a great example of what the U.S. is turning into. Go check the link above, spread the news and donate some $$$ to help him out of the American continent before he's arrested for good.

Track selection for MANv2 has been made.

Submissions for volume 2 of the "Mothers Against Noise" compilation series are now closed. Any submissions received after this date will be considered instead for an eventual volume 3.

We are now accepting submissions for volume 2 of our "Mothers Against Noise" compilation series. Interested musicians should send their submissions to
Guidelines for submission are:
- submissions must be sent as attachments by e-mail to They must be 128 kbps MP3 format files
- please include the following information in the submission mail or payday loans online: artist or project name (real name optional), nationality, link/URL to artist site (if any), short bio (optional).
- maximum of two (2) track submissions per artist/project!
- track duration should not exceed four (4) minutes.
- artists selected for participation in this (and subsequent) compilations must be able to supply the chosen track in a high-quality sound-file format (like .WAV) for final mastering/sound-levelling before final participation.
- IMPORTANT: please note that, due to time constraints (i.e. the "Mothers Against Noise" crew have real life obligations) we will not accept submissions that consist of "please check my stuff at URL so-and-so". We simply do not have time for that, sorry.
- DEADLINE: February 21st

The free online "Mothers Against Noise vol.1" noise compilation is now available and can be downloaded HERE.

And here's some facts about

If you are wondering who are the people behind the original M.A.N. (the supposedly real "anti-noise crusade") represented by, you can do a 'whois' search and would get these results:

until 2006/01/06 the website was registered to the address

Administrative Contact Organization: Mothers Against Noise
Administrative Contact Address1: 825 Eighth Avenue
Administrative Contact City: New York
Administrative Contact State/Province: NY
Administrative Contact Postal Code: 10019

According to", this is what is located at the address above:

Universal Music Group
825 Eighth Avenue
New York
NY 10019"

Who will soon be releasing a To Shave And Live In LA album with Andrew W.K., who happens to be on the "MAN"'s list of "most dangerous noise acts".

Everything indicates that, originally, "Mothers Against Noise" (as represented by was a marketing hoax to build hype for a Big Record Company "alternative" release.

As usual, it would seem that the public is taken for idiots who can be royally fucked on a regular. Feel free to gobble all the mindless hype you were fed at Or feel free to send them a big "fuck you".

Nowadays, is registered under a false name, a false address in Washington and a Nextel (cellphone operator) phone number in Jersey. Draw your own conclusions.